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The Cut Above Dinner Party Network Events in Sydney

Dinner Party Events in Sydney for 40 – 70 years old to pick up after a hard week’s work.

Conversational events to make new friends on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

David’s Dinners events in Sydney. Inexpensive Prices. No Joining or Membership fees. Newly available welcome.

When you’re available and you’d just like to dine out with other nice availables and maybe even meet someone special.

The perfect opportunity to arrange to meet up with your friends at the end of a week over a dinner.

Coming Events, All events 7 pm. Bookings essential so we’ll know our numbers. Restaurant booking is in the name of David.

$5-$10+ suggested donation amount.

Many people like our Saturday night dinner houseparties. If you would like to offer your place for a dinner houseparty mention it to me and we can discuss it.

After a brilliantly successful New Years Eve party at Longueville with 90 people we are back for 2015 with our first restaurant parties for the year. Thank you to to our host and to our wonderful volunteers who made the night such a success. And a big thank you to all who attended and brought food and drinks and helped make the night such a success with such a dazzling array of food. We all very much enjoyed being able to see six displays of fireworks going off simultaneously down the harbour in the one view.

If you didn't find love on New Years Eve then come to our dinners this year as you might meet your match.

Hi David

Just wanted to say what a great night new year's eve was at Mark's lovely

home (which we really appreciated). It was so much fun and the view was

spectacular. Many thanks for all in the kitchen.

Regards Ann and Julie Fri 26th June – Himalaya Restaurant - 1/205 Great North Road, Five Dock - Indian and Pakistani Fusion Dinner Feast with Soft Drinks – 7 pm - $14.50 each Sat 27th June - Taste of Saigon/Retro Saigon - 55 Ridge St North Sydney - Six-Course 'Taste of Saigon' Vietnamese Dining at Retro Saigon – 7 pm - $22.50 each

Fri 3rd July - Green House Cafe & Italian Trattoria - 108 Great North Rd Five Dock - Five Courses in Five Dock! Devour a Hearty Italian Feast That Includes Garlic Bread, Soup, Pizza, Pasta and Dessert. Choose Your Favourite Pizza and Pasta from Dishes Such as Meat Lovers Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, Mushroom Risotto, Seafood Linguine and More. Plus, Warm Up with a Cup of Coffee. Only $24.50. Saturday 4th July – Independence Day dinner house party





Let’s party like its 1776!

The Declaration of Independence is a statement that was adopted by the American Congress on the 4th July 1776. It announced that the 13 colonies who were currently at war with Great Britain were now independent states and no longer a part of the British Empire.  This is why we celebrate the 4th of July as Independence Day.  It’s the Birthday of the United States!

In Australia, the 4th of July is a great day to focus on the things we are thankful for like family, friends and of course, our freedom. So let’s party like its 1776!

The ingredients for the perfect 4th of July party are the tried and true: red, white, blue and YOU! You are invited to come dressed in red (which stands for valour), white (which stands for purity) and blue (which stands for justice).

Uncle Sam and Aunty Samantha will proudly be waving the American flag as they welcome their guests with a stirring rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

The night will begin with some 4th of July get to know each other adult games like American Tag; Red, White and Blue circle; etc. There will also be a map of the 50 states of the USA jigsaw puzzle to complete for those who are bored with the company!

There will be plenty of hip-hopping and shoe-shaking as Aunty Samantha teaches us some simple American rock and roll steps. We will then dance the night away to all American classic tunes.

At some stage we will face the American flag and recite the Declaration of Independence with hand on heart.

The Fourth of July is about enjoying the freedoms that we have been afforded through our independence. Yet in Australia, 105 237 will not be home for Independence Day, but will spend it on the cold streets because they are homeless (that’s 1 in 200 Australians). Therefore, we will have an upturned Uncle Sam hat on our food-filled table, where you will have the opportunity to make a gold coin donation to St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol if you wish to.

Ladies: $15 + all American food (juicy hamburgers, sizzling hot dogs, grilled chicken, saucy spare ribs, greasy fries, fresh corn, potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, apple pie, etc.)

Tomato, barbeque, smokey barbeque and sweet chilli ketchup supplied by host.

Gents: $15 + one all American soft drink bottle (Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Soda) and one alcoholic bottle (American bourbon if you want to be generous!)

Volunteers needed to help in the kitchen.

Sparks will fly on the 4th of July as sparklers light up the sky before we all say good bye! Saturday 25th July – Christmas in July at Siren’s Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Katoomba. You are welcome to make a booking and stay overnight. – 3 Duff St Katoomba - 7 pm. Bring food or drinks and $15. We are inviting organizers of different ethnic singles, divorced, separateds etc groups who would like to piggyback on our good priced dinner events and have more people for their members to meet and expand their list of contacts to contact me to go on our list that they may promote the events to their members to come along and make new friends and new contacts. If you know some organizers around the place then please tell them about this offer and have them contact me, David, on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

A page for you to make your bookings

Karaoke at Brighton RSL, 4 pm every Sunday. Ring Robin 9708 5457 or 0407 944 116 for details and venue.

Each Monday night is introduction to SCWL night at Concord.

Free wine, coffee, bring some biscuits if you like.

Come and learn how to use the CD’s to make changes and make extra money.

Income earning opportunity for no outlay. Come and listen and learn.

Very interesting work. Open your mind.

*** I have over 1,500 people on my email list. Many are wanting to find someone or know someone who does. If you are lady seeking a man or a man seeking a lady and would like me to send out a special individualized email to all of the members of the opposite sex with wording of your choice and maybe a photo and phone number please talk to me about it at one of the dinners. The cost is $120 for an email to be sent on your behalf to all the members of the opposite sex and there are many hundreds of them so it is good value if you are searching. It is up to you to make your wording interesting. ***

WEDNESDAY LIFE LEADERSHIP. Interested in a social business where you can earn extra income for next to no outlay and do with friends?

Come to our free Life Leadership business opportunity from 7.30 pm till 8.30 pm at .

Fee tea and biscuits. Bring a friend for an interesting night.

Enquiries and Bookings: David: 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

Food was great and also the price, will look at more events to come to


Toni 27.10.13

Hello David

Thank you very much for a great evening on New Year's eve. The venue was fabulous

(thanks to Mark kindly allowing us to use his home) and I had a lovely time meeting

new people. It was my 'first' for David's Dinners and I enjoyed very much. I would

like to be on your mailing list please.

Kind regards

Valerie 2.1.14

Thankyou to you and Mark for giving us the opportunity to meet new people in such a

beautiful place. Regards Rose-Marie

Hi David

I really enjoyed the dinner at La Grillade in Crows Nest. It was great value at a superb restaurant. My hors d'oeuvre was a very generous portion of 12 snails, and my main course of kangaroo steak was meltingly delicious. The complimentary glass of house wine was surprisingly good.

All in all, an excellent evening with interesting company and good food. Thank you for organising it.

Kind regards


To see my new business go to I am looking people who for no outlay would like to be in a successful business with me, are interested in making money and getting valuable training and meeting new people and having fun. Some information and earning figures are attached which will be of interest if you like helping people. Ask me about it at the dinners or give me a call on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

If you want to to contact someone you met at a dinner send them an email written to them via me and I will forward it on as I do not give out email addresses.

Contact Me Free Introductions page - for those who would either like to advertise (for free) to make new friends or to find a lover. To be listed send me your details and wording by email.

Donations are always welcome. Many people admire the work we do in organizing these events for people who are on their own through no fault of their own to be able to come along and meet others and maybe find someone special with no joining fee or membership fees or required fees on the night. You can make a donation to see that this most worthy work continues by making a donation in any amount into the piggy.

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