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Many people like our Saturday night dinner houseparties. If you would like to offer your place for a dinner houseparty mention it to me and we can plan it. Special offer: Hosts who host houseparties can come to two restaurant dinners for free!

After a brilliantly successful New Years Eve party at Longueville with 90 people we are back for 2015 with our first restaurant parties for the year. Thank you to to our host and to our wonderful volunteers who made the night such a success. And a big thank you to all who attended and brought food and drinks and helped make the night such a success with such a dazzling array of food. We all very much enjoyed being able to see six displays of fireworks going off simultaneously down the harbour in the one view.

If you didn't find love on New Years Eve then come to our dinners this year as you might meet your match.

Hi David

Just wanted to say what a great night new year's eve was at Mark's lovely

home (which we really appreciated). It was so much fun and the view was

spectacular. Many thanks for all in the kitchen.

Regards Ann and Julie

Thanks for a terrific evening David. Lovely group of people!!

The movie Love & Mercy is great, very well done, really enjoyed it


Debbie 12.7.15

Hi David,
Could you please forward me the monthly Venues & News letters, as I would be interested in attending the dinners.
My email address is ...
Yours Kindly,

Many people like our Saturday night dinner houseparties. If you would like to offer your place for a dinner houseparty mention it to me and we can plan it.
Special offer: Hosts who host houseparties can come to two restaurant dinners for free.

Bookings 0419 605 365, 8214 8397. If you would like a call each week on your landline to be notified as to what is on please ring me and advise me that you would like a weekly notification call on your landline.

Remember on the nights you can depart from the deal and order what you like.

For parking tips please contact the restaurant. Please give me your parking tickets and vouchers for me to get money back for you.

If you can provide a lift please advise me early where you are coming from and I will post that suburb that others may check the site to see where any lift offerers are coming from. Remember on the nights you can depart from the deal and order what you like.

For parking tips please contact the restaurant. Please give me your parking tickets and vouchers for me to get money back for you.

If you can provide a lift please advise me early where you are coming from and I will post that suburb that others may check the site to see where any lift offerers are coming from.

Friday night lift offerers:

Saturday night lift offerers:

Monday night lift offerers:

Fri 27th November – The Chatswood Club - 11 Help Street Chatswood - Two-Course Angus Steak Feast with half bottle of wine each at The Chatswood Club - $19.50 each – 7 p.m.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIkZOxDqHJXEfmzJRhlW6iOn5Zh8NFkCMwZ6HHJG0SUqBPshHPNIUJBtI Sat 28th November - Fountain 77 Italian Restaurant - 77 Glebe Point Rd Glebe - Mediterranean Feast + Wine - $27.50 – 7 p.m.

BY SPECIAL REQUEST: UNDER 60’s DINNER – every second Wednesday night at our great prices.

A new suggestion. Ladies’ Pick Up Nights.

David’s Monday night Mix ‘n’ Mingle, Ladies’ Pick Up Night at the Pub.

Join us for free on second Monday nights at the Pub at about 7.15 p.m. 39 Victoria Ave Concord West, directly opposite Concord West station, on the east side.

This Monday night, the 7th December, will be at Concord Hotel, either just for drinks and to chat or for dinner for only $14. Come and see who comes. Come to chat or chat to come. This is for those ladies who want some action and fun. Come and discuss new ideas and approaches. Please try and bring a friend or two, it’s free. They may thank you for bringing them along if they meet someone nice. Ladies, be bold and forward and come and meet nice guys who may come. Ladies are encouraged to make the first moves and be forward. Wear something pink if you’re hot to trot and bring a like minded lady friend if you can.

Bookings preferred or just appear. It would be nice to know numbers so if you like please give me a call. Coming soon Ladies’ Pick Up days? Would you like to come?

Every other week is alternating age based speed dating.


8214 8397

0419 605 365

Speed dating is back! Ages: 50 - 70 Our next speed dating will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 14th December at Concord Hotel, opposite the Concord West Railway station on the eastern side. Plenty of easy parking outside. Please arrive by 7.15 for 7 .30.

Cost is $10 each and on Monday nights the hotel has a dinner afterwards and those who match can have their first dinner together for only $14 each. Those who do not match can stay back and have a dinner together for the $14 and maybe have a second chance.

Speed dating is held on Monday nights because it is the only night I can get the room which in greater use by the hotel on other nights. Plus on Monday they do the cheaper dinner. Age group tonight 50 – 70, 1945 - 1965.

Unlike any other speeddatings with ours you get your matches on the night so you don’t have to wait and can plan straightaway! What excitement! Also with our speed dating you can get more than one match! Please try to bring a friend if you can, they may get lucky and thank you and if everyone does it it will make the nights all the better. Girls please try to book in early with your girlfriends so as to not miss out. Room only for the first 10 girls and 10 guys.

Everyone who is on Facebook is asked to copy and paste this speed dating ad to your Facebook page so that a wider array of people will see it - thanks.

For further information on speed dating and to see sample questions you might like to print off and use as ice breakers click here

Dress to impress. Room for only the first 20 to book to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365. If phone is not answered please leave a message. Please try and book early to avoid disappointment.


MONDAY, 21 DECEMBER,  join us at  6.30 for 7.OOpm, 

at  Resturant Fountain 77,  77 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 

As YOU ARE INVITED to rock in .....CHRISTMAS with Sydney Inner West Rotary and the Fabulous Jazz Babies come meet up with old and new friends ... while enjoying the music of the Fabulous Jazz Babies.

....we won't tell Santa if your been naughty or nice ... So bring a bit of both and come swing in Christmas with us ....


COST:   $50 enjoy Nibbles and a glass ho ho on arrival, followed by a two course Dinner ... Lucky Door prize and much more.

BOOK:  early as places are limited http://www.trybooking.com/JUDT  and  http://www.trybooking.com/171801 

DONT forget to bring your dancing shoes and a GIFT OF FOOD  for the Salvation Army Christmas Food Appeal, packaged or canned food.. check the used by date.... and make someone's Christmas a little more special.

ENQUIRIES:  Ron 0418 112 018 or Fay 0418 602 014 or rotary.siw@gmail.com


Houseparty January

For the Men this is something you might like to know about which you probably haven’t heard about before (I hadn’t) which is very much of interest to some. Ladies may be interested to hear about it too for the special man or men in her life for she will be the one to get the benefit many times!! :) Check it out by watching the first short video and the second short video and ringing either Robert or Elena on 1800 636 743 or going here.

Besides shockwave soundwave therapy Ageless also has cool trimming for women and men to get rid of unwanted fat deposits without surgery. You can read about it here. Tell them David sent you.

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmkNsV-zXNJWKM1Q3S3cJRBfCaV8KjJZkwD6plQGrHsX6Gk7eF2JRN7Ak We are inviting organizers of different ethnic singles, divorced, separateds etc groups who would like to piggyback on our good priced dinner events and have more people for their members to meet and expand their list of contacts to contact me to go on our list that they may promote the events to their members to come along and make new friends and new contacts. If you know some organizers around the place then please tell them about this offer and have them contact me, David, on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

A page for you to make your bookings

Each Monday night is introduction to SCWL night at Concord.

Free wine, coffee, bring some biscuits if you like.

Come and learn how to use the CD’s to make changes and make extra money.

Income earning opportunity for no outlay. Come and listen and learn.

Very interesting work. Open your mind.

*** I have over 1,500 people on my email list. Many are wanting to find someone or know someone who does. If you are lady seeking a man or a man seeking a lady and would like me to send out a special individualized email to all of the members of the opposite sex with wording of your choice and maybe a photo and phone number please talk to me about it at one of the dinners. The cost is $120 for an email to be sent on your behalf to all the members of the opposite sex and there are many hundreds of them so it is good value if you are searching. It is up to you to make your wording interesting. ***

Enquiries and Bookings: David: 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

Law Therapy for Litigants in Person, ask David 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

Food was great and also the price, will look at more events to come to


Toni 27.10.13

Hello David

Thank you very much for a great evening on New Year's eve. The venue was fabulous

(thanks to Mark kindly allowing us to use his home) and I had a lovely time meeting

new people. It was my 'first' for David's Dinners and I enjoyed very much. I would

like to be on your mailing list please.

Kind regards

Valerie 2.1.14

Thankyou to you and Mark for giving us the opportunity to meet new people in such a

beautiful place. Regards Rose-Marie

Hi David

I really enjoyed the dinner at La Grillade in Crows Nest. It was great value at a superb restaurant. My hors d'oeuvre was a very generous portion of 12 snails, and my main course of kangaroo steak was meltingly delicious. The complimentary glass of house wine was surprisingly good.

All in all, an excellent evening with interesting company and good food. Thank you for organising it.

Kind regards


To see my new business go to scwl.org. I am looking people who for no outlay would like to be in a successful business with me, are interested in making money and getting valuable training and meeting new people and having fun. Some information and earning figures are attached which will be of interest if you like helping people. Ask me about it at the dinners or give me a call on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

If you want to to contact someone you met at a dinner send them an email written to them via me and I will forward it on as I do not give out email addresses.

Contact Me Free Introductions page - for those who would either like to advertise (for free) to make new friends or to find a lover. To be listed send me your details and wording by email.

Donations are always welcome. Many people admire the work we do in organizing these events for people who are on their own through no fault of their own to be able to come along and meet others and maybe find someone special with no joining fee or membership fees or required fees on the night. You can make a donation to see that this most worthy work continues by making a donation in any amount into the piggy.

Hi Natalie

Sorry about the delay in responding but I have been trying to work out what to say next. It is such an unusual situation. Certainly the situation and your desire to thank me over the years merits that we keep in some form of communication as such a situation is exceedingly rare and your attentions are most sincere and worthy of the highest regard.

Yes, I try to get people thinking outside the box and to think what a next step as there is always a further step, many of them in fact. I like to challenge people’s thinking but many people may not be ready for it so I only tell them so much to get them thinking. Maybe you are thinking outside the box in contacting me. I wonder what might happen?

As a teacher my job was and is to make people think, not to make them like me.

Once a teacher always a teacher I say. In a way I still have students though now I help them with their legal matters and various other concerns. Maybe I can still be a teacher to you if you like.

I have shared your letter with a few close others and they have all expressed how they have been touched by your sincerity and have been urging me to meet up with you which should be at a time and a place of your own choosing.

When we meet I shall tell you what fate befell the time capsule and who did well out of it.

Yours Sincerely


Hi Natalie

Your letter and your thoughtfulness to have included the photo of class 5M has left me deeply touched, very deeply touched.

It tears at my heartstrings each time I view it.

I don’t think anyone has so deeply touched me that I can remember in such away. I was very fond of that class and poured my heart into teaching them, young as I was.

I have printed the photo up as an A3 and proudly mounted it up on the back of my front door with your letter printed on the back.

The email I sent you was on purpose. It was an email going out to very select people on something which is a very important subject at the moment. Being in your position and your email coming just at the exact time it did I thought, as I believe in the warrant of circumstance as it seemed meant to be, that it might be a very good introduction to you re some of the ventures and campaigns and cases I am nowadays involved.

You have never read my writings at length so I thought you would be interested in the content of the letter and the treatment alternatives I am proposing that must be instituted by law that are currently being denied to people purely for certain people to make money out of people’s misfortune. I felt that being in the position you are now it would be of particular interest to you. Please feel free to read the attachments.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.


Hi David,
Lovely speaking with you and so nice to find you after searching for you. 
As I mentioned the reason I've been trying to find you was to thank you for having a
positive impact on my life.   
I don't remember a lot about my time at school. For some reason I remember more
about primary school, than I do high school.
You were my teacher in year 4 (1977) and year 5 (1978). Mr Marner was my teacher in
year 3 and Mrs Lawery was my teacher in year 6. Interesting... you are the only
teacher who told me your first name.
While I don't remember much of my time at school, I do remember clearly discussions
we had. You never spoke to me like I was just a child and always answered my
questions honestly. 
My mother tells me I wasn't doing very well at school. I hated reading, probably
because the school curriculum dictated reading was terrible. You introduced the
class to Tolkien in year 5 and read to us chapters from The Lord of the Rings. I
remember I harassed my mother into buying me a copy of the book at the end of year 5
and finished it over the school holidays before I started back at school in year 6.
Following that, I read everything J.R.R.Tolkien wrote and was devastated that he was
no longer living and hoped there was a manuscript somewhere waiting to be published.
Interestingly, my first job was at Dymocks as the buyer for Science Fi/Fantasy
I didn't understand the school curriculum and thought you possibly challenged it.
You taught me there were other ways to learn. You taught me to learn from personal
experience and not just studying.
Once while at lunch you asked me if I would like to take the class for a day. I
didn't know why but you made me think, if someone of authority that I respect, has
faith in me to do this then maybe I should challenge my lack of confidence.
You also told me that I was neither a follower or a leader. You said there were lots
of followers and only a few good leaders, but if a situation called for a leader and
no one was stepping in, I would lead. I thought about this a lot over the years and
this is how I live my life.
I had a teacher who told my mother that I was not very intelligent (unfortunately my
mother told me) and that I would continue to struggle academically and would
probably end up working at the local grocery store. Thankfully I remembered what you
said and did for me and that made me challenge that assumption of me my whole life.
I'm now the Course Development Manager at xxxxxx 
I've been in this role for five months. I thank you for where I am today.
Below is my Linkedin in profile. I haven't yet updated to new job.

I've attached a school photo.
Classmates I remember - Michael Leary, Catherine Smith, Jodie Stenburg, Darren
Nixon/Wood, David Coliss, Karen Jennkins
I also remember the time capsule. I wonder if they found it while building the
apartment blocks...
Thank you 

> Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 08:33:43 +1000
> Subject: Re: Baulkham hills public school teacher
> From: david@sydneydatingsites.com.au
> To: njxxxxxx@hotmail.com
> Yes I did.
> You can ring me on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.
> David
> On Sat, August 22, 2015 6:11 pm, natalie xxxxxx wrote:
> > Hi David,
> > Apologies for the intrusion.
> >
> >
> > My name is Natalie xxxxxx. Did you teach at Baulkham hills public school?
> > I'm trying to find one of my teachers from primary school.
> > Kind regardsNatalie

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